Michael Maiden - bronze  sculptures


  Huntress bronze eagle sculpture by Maiden  

dimensions of the sculpture: 23"x36"x34"; weight: 125lb


The Huntress is an exquisitely executed depiction of a female bald eagle's steadfast search for food for her young.

With piercing eyes locked on her prey, the huntress cantilevers forward preparing to shoot from the sky. she can spot a meal from several hundred yards and strikes so quickly she'll rarely miss.

In The Huntress Michael captures the moment between searching and pouncing as the eagle sizes up her target. Female eagles are usually larger than their mates and share the hunting responsibilities. A pair will usually have from one to three offspring that need nearly constant feeding and attention of their first hundred days.


Huntress bronze eagle sculpture by Maiden

Huntress - silver eagle art by Michael Maiden


Michael with his eagle sculpture "Hunterss" poured in silver.