Michael Maiden - bronze  sculptures

"Wind Rider"


Wind Rider - Contornos - Eagle - Bronze Art - Sculptures by Michael Maiden


dimensions of the sculpture: 4" X 4" X 13"; 5lbs


Contorno Sketches are derived from the drawings Michael creates in preparation for sculpturing a new work in wax. Many hours of planning go into each of his sculptural creations. Each idea is examined from different perspectives through renderings and models. This way Michael can judge the composition and plan the design. Michael's Contorno Sketches are his way of sharing with collectors some of the intimate drawings that are part of this creative process.

Contorno Sketches are individually unique. Each is carved from a cast sheet of bronze. Subtle bending makes the images dynamic – creating depth and movement. The beautiful marbleized color is added using the same vibrant patinas that are a signature of Michael's cast bronze sculpture.