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Disney Fine Art Sculpture by Michael Maiden


Working with Disney is one of the highlights of my 43 years in art!  I remember watching “The Wide World of Disney” as a young boy wishing the black and white images on television would magically colorize.  Now I’m having an incredible journey transforming Disney’s wonderful stories into their own three-dimensional world.


As Walt Disney famously said,


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”


I am honored to have this opportunity to sculpt all their characters, and especially to be directed by their animators.  All of my Disney sculpture are available through Collectors Editions and approved by Disney Fine Art.

Michael Maiden has been casting bronze sculptures for 43 years. Though the subject has changed over the years, the journey continues.  Michael’s  Disney adventure  now can be said to be the greatest association he has yet to create.


Michael creates sculptures that are 3 dimensional illustrations of wonderful Disney films. Michael’s sculptures are published as signed and numbered editions. All sculptures are approved by Disney throughout the creative process.  Michael’s Disney Bronze Sculptures are obviously of the highest quality and unique for any Disney collector.


A limited Edition of Artist’s proofs are also available. Artist’s proofs are each hand re-touched after the molds have been made for some unique finishing or appointment.

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